Student Achievement

In 2014, Union College set a goal to reach a 61% 5-year fall-to-fall retention rate for first-time, full-time freshman.  This was the average for peer institutions in Kentucky.  Over the past 5 years, Union College has reached that goal.  The average 5-year retention rate for first-time, full-time freshman at Union College based on enrollment between 2015-2019 is 63%. 

Retention Graph

Undergraduate Degrees

Between Spring 2017 and Spring 2019, Union College saw a growth in the number of undergraduate degrees awarded compared to previous years.  On average, 131 undergraduate degrees were awarded between 2014-2016.  The three-year average between 2017-2019 was 152.

Undergraduate Degrees Conferred Chart

Licensing Examinations

The state pass rate established for undergraduate students taking the PRAXIS exam is 80%.  Union college has adopted the same benchmark for students taking licensing examinations at the graduate level.  As illustrated below, Union College graduates have exceeded this expectation each year.

1015 Chart

6015 Chart

6011 Chart

* Data provided is from the ETS Data Manager system

Kentucky Board of Nursing Exam

In 2012, Union College began to offer a four-year degree in Nursing.  Students completing this program are required to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) to receive state licensure.  The state pass rate set by the Kentucky Board of Nursing is 85% or higher for each graduating class.  The current pass rate for the class of 2018 is 87%.

The placement rate for student completing the nursing program at Union College is 100%.  Graduates are employed primarily in accute care settings but have also received placement in home health settings.