About Us

Union College and Sue Bennett College were sister Methodist institutions when the latter was founded in 1896 and through its closure in 1997. Union College’s relationship with the Bennett Center, an umbrella organization for non-profit groups, began with the closure of Sue Bennett. Union College worked with Sue Bennett to provide for displaced students, and joined with the community to ensure that a higher education presence remained in the London area. Union College at the Bennett Center was established to provide a degree completion program (DCP) primarily for London area residents. Union College’s relationship with the Bennett Center continues through participation in the center’s governing body and the presence of Union College at the Bennett Center.

In 2008, Union College at the Bennett Center was renamed Union College London Center and the site expanded its offerings to include a two-year bachelor’s degree program as well as a master’s degree program. The bachelor’s program serves those who have an associate degree or at least 60 hours of undergraduate course work and a desire to earn a bachelor’s in business administration, management, or psychology. The master’s degree program serves college graduates and professionals who wish to earn a master’s degree in clinical psychology.

Union College was founded in 1879. Union’s main campus is located in Barbourville, Kentucky, where it serves over 600 undergraduate students and nearly 1,000 graduate students.