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Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions you will make during your time at Union College. It will shape the direction of your education, as well help you begin to prepare for your future career. Career Services has a variety of resources available to help you research careers, make career decisions, select an academic major and pursue your career goals. These resources are available at no charge to Union College students.


FOCUS is a Web-based career and educational planning system that can help you make career decisions, choose an academic major and map out your career and/or educational plans. If you are selecting a major, looking for career options related to your major, or are seeking a career change, you will benefit from using this system.

If you are a Union College student, contact the Career Center at 606.546.1256 or rshackelford@unionky.edu to request the access code. You can also download your own Focus2 Workbook.

Explore Majors

Easily the most frequent question you will be asked as a college student is, "So, what's your major?" You may have known for years, or you may still be struggling to find an answer. Wherever you may be on the path towards declaring your major, there's no need to worry!

Keep in mind that a specific major does not always lock you into one career choice. There are plenty of majors that can lead to a variety of careers. Whatever major you choose to pursue in your educational path, Union College will help shape your way of thinking and prepare you for a satisfying professional life following graduation.

Explore the majors that are offered at Union College by reviewing our Degrees and Programs

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We also encourage you to meet with a Career Counselor to answer any questions you might have. If you are unable to meet with us in person, call us at 606.546.1256 or email us for assistance. The sooner you start thinking about your future, the sooner you can start preparing.