Union College Experience

The Union College Experience is all about new freshmen.

The Union College Experience (UCE) is a required one hour credit course for incoming freshmen that provides students with the opportunity to adjust to the college environment, meet faculty and staff, as well as bond with their freshmen cohort before upper classmen return to campus and traditional courses begin. UCE begins on move-in day and continues throughout the fall semester with weekly class sessions, advising, and mentoring. The Union College Experience helps incoming freshmen acclimate to campus life and establish valuable connections with faculty, staff, and their cohort.

  • Students will develop the necessary academic skills to ease into their coursework and become successful students.
  • This course will also teach students valuable life skills such as how to manage their time, money, relationships, and social life while maintaining good collegiate academic standing.
  • Students will become familiar with the campus as well as the faculty and staff that will support them throughout their college career.


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