Dear Old Union Day Toolkit

Brand Ambassadors:

First – let me thank you for agreeing to volunteer to help us share the word about Dear Old Union Day. Everyone in Advancement thanks you – your reach is far greater than ours, and with your help, we will maximize the day.

Second – Be sure to provide the giving link as it appears: - this will ensure that the thermometer on the page moves automatically as gifts come in. Throughout the day, we will monitor other gifts to ensure they are also counted, but that process is not automated.

Third – We’ve provided some different sample post texts to go with the branded images we have provided. Feel free to customize or write your own. People give to people, so the more you personalize your post, the more likely you are to enable the success of Dear Old Union Day. Incorporate your own images, your own memories, your own call to action. 

To save the sample images, you should be able to right click them and select "Save File As" or "Save As" depending on your web browser. 


Sample post text:

I hope you will join me on #DearOldUnionDay and support Union College. Every gift has an impact on the lives of students, faculty, and staff at Union!


I gave post text:

I just gave on #DearOldUnionDay and I hope you will too!


Thankful post text:

I’m thankful for Union College, and I was proud to support #DearOldUnionDay!


Don’t Just Share - Give post text:

Don’t just click share – click the link and support #DearOldUnionDay -


Sample Personalized:

I'm calling upon all my friends from the class of 2009 to click the link and support #DearOldUnionDay -


Personalized Sample Two:

This is for all the days I spent in the library, and all the days I should have spent in the library. If you had a good time at Union College – click the link and support #DearOldUnionDay -

Dear Old Union Preferred Graphic

Dear Old Union Day Second Option

Dear Old Union Day Final Option