Ms. Deb Ross

Office Manager

Contact Info

(606) 546-1751
1101E Speed Hall
Campus PO Box
CPO D 005

I graduated from Union College in 1980 with an Associate Degree in Office Administration.  After graduation I worked at the local Community Action Agency for 20 years.  In 2000 I returned to Union working in the Admissions Office and went on to complete my BS Degree in 2004.  I enjoy reading, crocheting, watching TV and taking care of my 2 cats.


What do you love about Union? 

Being at Union makes me know I am truly loved and appreciated.  It brings out the best in me.

What can you encourage students to do?

Examine themselves and their reasons for going to college.  Why are you really going? What are your abilities and strengths? What are your weaknesses?  What do you want out of life?