Master of Athletic Training

Union College’s Master of Athletic Training (MAT) is housed in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Our MAT program is designed for those who want to either begin or enhance a career in sports.  The program is comprised of two main components: coursework and clinical experience which will prepare and qualify highly-motivated candidates for successful careers in athletic training.

This 62-credit hour graduate degree is a two-year, full-time professional program. ***This MAT program is currently seeking CAATE accreditation (submit self-study July 2021, site visit spring 2022).  Only upon completion of a CAATE accredited MAT program, will these students be eligible to sit for the national Board of Certification (BOC) exam and practice athletic training.  



 Curriculum and Degree Plan Options 

Students have two options for the MAT degree:

  • 3+2 Year Option: Undergraduate students at Union College can enroll in a joint degree program with the Exercise Science and complete necessary prerequisite classes and MAT degree programs so that students can receive both BS and MAT degree in five years. The curriculum map for the 3+2 year option can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • 2 Year Option: Students who received a bachelor's degree from another institution or after four years at Union College (i.e., student athletes) will be able to apply to the MAT program as a traditional graduate student if they have completed the necessary prerequisite coursework. The curriculum map for the 2 year option can be found at the bottom of the page. 


Admissions Process

  • Bachelor's degree from accredited institution (if 2 yr MAT)
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average/GPA = 3.00 or higher
  • Science GPA (see pre-requisites) = 2.80 or higher
  • Clinical Observation = 50 hours (documented on Clinical Observation form)
    • College Athletics setting or any Medical Setting (preferred)
    • Supervised by BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (preferred)
    • Physical Exam and Medical History form 
    • Technical Standards for Admission into MAT form
    • Official Transcripts
    • Letter of Intent and Resume
    • Three recommendation letters (two academic and one from the person who supervised the 50 hours observation)
    • Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening (ONLY after admitted)
    • CPR and First Aid are NOT required for admission, nor is it encouraged for applicants to get prior to starting this MAT program. For CAATE accreditation, all students will be required to take and pay for this training and certification in CPR for Professional Rescuer and First Aid within the first summer by MAT Program faculty. 
  • Completion of the Admissions Application for Undergraduate Admissions (for 3+2 year option) and Graduate Admissions (for 2 year option) 
  • TOEFL exam scores (minimum and for international students only): 500 on paper copy, 173 computer version or 61 on IBT format
  • GRE exam is NOT required for admission


Pre-Requisites (Undergraduate) = Science GPA (L = course with Lab)

  • Human Biology L
  • College Physics L
  • Human Anatomy L (Vert. Ana)
  • Human Physiology L
  • Statistics   
  • Chemistry  
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Physiology L
  • Intro to Psychology


Admission Review Process (begins after application deadline)

  • Members of the MAT Admissions Committee will review the application materials and notify the applicant if any additional information is needed.
  • Applicants will be notified after deadline of their application status.
  • Qualified students will be selected and contacted by email and required to reply with confirmation to accept or decline their MAT program admission within 1 week from email.
  • Applicants on the alternate list will be contacted until all seats are filled. Likewise, those contacted must email whether they accept or decline the admission within (1) week.
  • Once the list is complete, all newly accepted MAT students will be contacted as a group via email by the program director to make sure the remaining tasks (i.e. background check, drug test) are completed before starting in June. 


Apply Now or to learn more about our MAT Program, contact Dr. Doug Branch: or call 606.546.1508

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