Jephson foundation awards Union $12,500

Published on
July 11, 2016

Jephson foundation awards Union $12,500 Union College has been awarded $12,500 from the Jephson Educational Trust of Chicago, Ill. The award will be used for unrestricted scholarship support.

“Union College is fortunate to have partners like the Jephson Foundation to enable us to better serve our students,” said Gina Johnson, Union College Grants Specialist. “Union prides itself on providing scholarship support to as many students as possible and we would not be able to do that without continuing support from our partners.”

Union College announced early last month the institution had received $11,000 in grant awards from the Bohn Foundation and the Chatlos Foundation. Those awards would also provide scholarship assistance to Union students.

The Jephson Foundation was established in 1948 and uses its endowment to provide educational support to institutions throughout the country. Such awards are critical to the success of Union College.

Foundational support, endowments, and support from alumni and friends combine to provide students with scholarships and financial assistance to meet tuition goals. In recent years, 100 percent of Union’s undergraduate students have received some form of financial assistance to attend.

In addition to state and federal tuition assistance, Union College offers students a variety of academic, athletic, performance and service based scholarships. Students attending Union received an average financial aid award of $23,441 in the 2015 academic year. The funding supports over 1,000 students each year, the majority of whom are from Appalachia and many are first-generation college students.

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