Kentucky Historical Society visit Union College

Published on
February 28, 2019
Photo of representatives from the Kentucky Historical Society with Union College student

Dr. Stephanie Lang and Dr. Patrick Lewis, scholars from the Kentucky Historical Society, visited Union College on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. The pair came to Barbourville from Frankfort to share the various programs, historical materials, and intern opportunities at Kentucky’s premier history research library with students in Dr. Joseph Pearson’s HIST 212: Historical Research & Methods class.

“We were excited to welcome them both to campus,” Pearson explained, “and to hear the exciting opportunities for our students to learn about our state’s history, and the chances they might have to work with the broader public in a meaningful way, not just in this class, but moving ahead as well.”

Pearson’s Spring 2019 class is working on a collaborative public history project on the 1930s Era Civilian Conservation Corps that will feature digital exhibits for the public based on their research.

“This kind of work that you are doing,” Lewis reminded the students, “is bigger than a simple college class assignment, and more important.”

Dr. Lang agreed, noting that “translating the past in ways that the broader public can readily understand is possibly the most important sort of work historians do.”

Pearson’s class will visit the Kentucky Historical Society in March, and their exhibits will be ready for the public in May.