Old Library Furniture Ready for New Home

Published on
October 02, 2019
64 oak ladder back chairs for sale

A piece of furniture can live a long life. That has especially proven to be true inside the Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library. When the library opened in 1942, it was equipped with beautiful oak tables and ladder back chairs.  

“They have been is use for almost 80 years and a lot of students who have gone through Union College have sat in these chairs,” says Tara Cooper, Vice President of Learning and Information Services. 

This Summer library staff decided it was time to invest in some new furniture. As students returned for the Fall semester, they debuted a fresh and modern study space featuring booths, high top tables, new computer desks, and causal seating.

“We wanted more collaborative type of furniture for the students. The booths are a really great example, you can sit six people at one of those easily and they muffle the sound so their talking isn’t bothering people around them like it would at a normal table,” says Cooper. 

However, the new setup doesn’t leave room for the original furnishings, so it is time to find them a new home.

“We just thought alums would have an interest in them. You can even take one and paint it and make it a really cute chair,” Cooper adds.

64 solid wooden chairs, that are still in great shape, are available for purchase; $75.00 for one or $125.00 for two. 

Since the chairs cannot be shipped, buyers will need to arrange pick up at the library. 

With Homecoming around the corner on Oct. 25-26, you can use that opportunity to visit our campus, your college friends and pickup your piece of Union College history.

 For more information or to claim your chair(s) from Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library, please contact the library staff at (606) 546-1240 or email library@unionky.edu.