Students and local residents to participate in spring production at Union College

Published on
February 01, 2013

This year's spring play at Union College features students along with area residents. The production of "Beau Jest," written by James Sherman, is set to open at the end of February.

The cast and crew consists of Terie Lynn Smith of Corbin, playing the part of JoAnn Goldman; Vanessa Grubb of Corbin, playing the part of Abe Goldman; Chessa Fernandez of Corbin, playing the part of Miriam Goldman; Alix Smith of Corbin, playing the part of Sarah Goldman; James Becknell a freshman from Booneville playing the part of Bob Schroeder, Neil Jones, a freshmen from Bowling Green, playing the part of Chris Cringle; Alexandra Estes, a sophomore from Barbourville, acting as stage manager; Krista Tuta, a junior from London, who will serve as understudy;  Maggie Watkins, a freshman at Union, who will be painting the set; Aaron Farmer, a senior at Union, who will work construction and lights; and Rebekah Seifu, a junior at Union from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who will work as deck crew.

The play is scheduled for five performances, Feb. 21-23 and March 1 and 2. Diane Montgomery, Ph.D., assistant professor of theater, is directing.

According to Montogmery, "Beau Jest" is "a play about family, honesty and growing up." It tells the story of Sarah Goldman, a Jewish kindergarten teacher, who is in love with the non-Jewish Chris Cringle. After enduring criticism from her devout parents, Goldman brings home a paid actor, Bob, pretending to be her new Jewish boygfriend, Dr. David Steinburg. However, Goldman's siter, JoAnn, starts to suspect something is up, and the play unfolds.

Tickets will be sold at the door.