Students Join Hundreds of Others at Kentucky Supreme Court Hearing

Published on
September 25, 2019
Union College students line up for a photo at the Kentucky Supreme Court hearing

Union College students were at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset on Sept.19. They, along with hundreds of others, heard oral arguments brought before the Kentucky Supreme Court regarding the death penalty for defendants who committed a crime between the ages of 18 and 21.

"Watching the attorneys present their cases and seeing the volley of questions asked by the justices gave us a chance to see what it would really be like to argue in front of the highest court in Kentucky," said Samantha Woodward, an English and Criminal Justice major.

The decision by the Kentucky Supreme Court is expected to take months and the outcome could be monumental when it comes to how the Commonwealth handles capital punishment.

"Seeing the argumentative process of such a momentous case was truly a privilege that we would not have gotten were it not for Student Support Services, the Armours, Dr. Pearson, and Union College," Woodward adds.

For more on the hearing and the arguments that were brought before the Kentucky Supreme Court, please read Janie Slavin's article in the Commonwealth Journal.