Union adopts new inclement weather policy

Published on
January 05, 2017

Union adopts new inclement weather policy Union College has adopted a new inclement weather policy as the winter weather season approaches. The new policy will take effect immediately.

Dr. David Johns, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, says the new policy will ensure all classes can meet during times of weather delay. The new policy utilizes an abbreviated meeting schedule throughout the day as opposed to the old policy that cancelled morning sessions during weather delays.

“This policy addresses concerns of those who were routinely affected by weather delays under the old policy,” Dr. Johns said. “The new weather policy will institute a delay allowing for safe travel to campus, but also ensure every class that day has the opportunity to meet.”

Dr. Johns said similar policies have been adopted by institutions throughout the region. With a strict academic calendar, ensuring classes have the opportunity to meet is of the upmost importance. Last winter, classes were cancelled or under a delayed schedule three times. That may not seem like much, but Dr. Johns said, under Union’s academic calendar, three weather delays are equivalent to losing a week of instruction time.

“We are here to learn, and we need as much time in class on regular schedule as much as possible,” he added.

Dr. Johns presented the new inclement weather policy to Union’s President Marcia Hawkins, and her senior staff, last week. The policy was unanimously adopted. Dr. Hawkins directed immediate implementation ahead of winter weather and the start of the spring semester on January 10.

The new inclement weather policy is as follows:


Normal Class Time:                            Delayed Schedule:

8:00-8:50                                             10:00-10:40

9:00-9:50                                             10:50-11:30

10:00-10:50                                         11:40-12:20

11:00-11:50                                         12:30-1:10

12:00-12:50                                         1:20-2:00

1:00-1:50                                             2:10-2:50

1:00-3:00 Labs                                    2:10-3:30

2:00-2:50                                             3:00-3:40

2:00 Labs as needed                           3:00 Labs as needed

3:00-3:50                                             3:50-4:30


Normal Class Time:                            Delayed Schedule

8:00-9:20                                             10:00-11:00

8:00-10:20 Labs                                  10:00-12:00 Labs

9:30-10:20                                           11:10-12:00

10:30-11:50                                         12:20-1:20

12:00-1:20                                           1:30-2:30

1:30-2:50                                             2:40-3:40

2:00 Labs as needed                           3:00 Labs as needed

3:00-4:20                                             3:50-4:50                    

The new policy applies to weather delays only, which are announced on the mornings of weather events by 6:30 a.m. Weather schedules for evening classes are announced by 3:00 pm each day. Evening classes do not meet under an altered schedule. They are cancelled entirely or meet as scheduled.

Inclement weather notifications, as well as other emergency notifications, are announced through a variety of outlets including Union’s email system, E 2 Campus text notifications, official social media channels and local media.

You can learn more about the text notification system, sign up for text notifications or learn more about the new inclement weather policy by visiting www.unionky.edu/weather