Union College Adopts Test-Optional Admissions Policy

Published on
January 28, 2021

Union College understands standardized test scores does not fully capture the academic ability of our incoming students.  Because we know there are multiple indicators of students’ success, Union College is pleased to announce they are now a test-optional institution for our admissions process and scholarship awarding.   

Test-Optional Admissions Process

Applicants decide if they want their admissions application to be test-optional.  If so, they can indicate this on their Union College application or they can communicate this to the Office of Admissions by emailing us at admissions@unionky.edu.  

Even if applicants choose test-optional, they can submit their ACT/SAT test scores to their admissions file.  The holistic test-optional application process focuses on the applicant’s classroom performance, high school and community involvement, and admissions application.

Test-Optional domestic students need to submit the following items to complete their admissions file and be considered for admissions:

  • Complete the Union College application
  • Submit high school transcripts with at least 6 completed semesters 
  • Submit a 1-2 page typed graded essay/assignment from junior or senior class OR submit an essay from one of the essay prompts found on the application
  • Submit one (1) letter of recommendation from an academic reference (i.e. teacher, high school counselor) who can and will outline your academic performance collectively during your high school year.  Please do not have a recommendation from someone who cannot attest to your academic performance (i.e. boss, coach-unless they were your teacher, pastor).


Scholarship Awarding

For applicants who decide to pursue the test-optional process, scholarship awarding process will be assessed holistically.  Union College will holistically assess and award merit scholarships based on the admissions application.