Union College Chapel receives updated sound equipment

Published on
October 23, 2018
Union College flame logo

Union College’s Conway Boatman Chapel recently received a substantial upgrade to its sound system.

 Among the newly purchased equipment are podium microphones, recording microphones, in addition to wireless microphones. Union also acquired a new digital soundboard, stage boxes, and two new stage monitors to enhance the listening experience for whomever is sitting on the platform.

“New column speakers were also installed, which are aesthetically pleasing and work nicely with the chapel’s beautiful architecture,” said Dr. Virginia Gay Gandy, Union College Associate Professor of Music, who led the project. “Conway Boatman Chapel is a beautifully resonant space and the sound upgrade has enhanced the clarity of the spoken word.”

The upgrade includes assistive listening devices (ALDs) which will be available at the door. The new ALDs will improve hearing ability for hard-of-hearing patrons. ALDs use a microphone to capture audio and then wirelessly broadcasts it to a receiver.

This upgrade was made possible by a generous contribution by the Mills-Tannenbaum Foundation.

“Over the years, the Mills-Tannenbaum Foundation has made a number of improvements to facilities, particularly to areas that serve the Arts,” said Brian Strunk, Executive Director of Development. “We are incredibly grateful for that support from the foundation, and the foundation’s leadership – Helen Mills and Gary Tannenbaum – are to be commended for their philanthropy.”