Union’s psychology department awarded Support Centers International grant

Published on
October 21, 2016

Union College Support Centers International has contributed $500 to Union College’s Department of Psychology. The funding is to be used to develop seminars to assist faculty in the field of addiction awareness, prevention and treatment.

“We wish you every success in your efforts to address and deal with the major addiction problems now being faced in the Kentucky Appalachian region,” said Thomas McClure, President of Support Centers International. “SCI is well aware of and concerned with the significant addiction issues and problems now affecting many parts of our interconnected world.”

Dr. Ilie Vasilescu, Chair of the Psychology Department, announced the grant award to the Union College campus last week.

“My colleagues and I highly appreciate the opportunity SCI opens for us in sharing the relevant ‘lessons learned’ in dealing with addiction in Kentucky, within other areas in the U.S. and internationally,” Dr. Vasilescu said.

SCI awarded the grant to Union College In Memory Of Oranell Sullivan Brasel and In Honor Of International Education and Development Services.

The Union College Department of Psychology offers programs in undergraduate, graduate and online learning. The department offers an online Chemical Dependency Counselor Certification program that has been ranked by Bestcolleges.com as one of the top programs in the nation for two years in a row. Graduate students can also engage in coursework at the graduate level in clinical psychology, general psychology and substance abuse counseling.

Learn more by visiting www.unionky.edu/graduate.