Union’s Saunders Presents to Members of American Physics Organization

Published on
October 17, 2019

When you conduct hours and hours of research, you love to get feedback on your study. When that feedback comes from industry leaders, it is a pretty big deal.Saunders with poster

Chris Saunders, a Junior at Union College, attended the Fall Meeting of the Ohio Region of the American Physical Society last week. Saunders was invited to the event, held at Kettering University, to present a study called “Hydrothermal Synthesis of Carbon-Doped Sodium Tantalates.”

Saunders says he is just expanding on the research of Dr. Sunil Karna, Assistant Professor of Physics at Union College, Karna’s two daughters at the University of Kentucky, as well as two others at the University of Memphis. 

“What we have been working on is a photocatalytic molecule which would be a particle that gets more energy from visible light not just UV light,” explains Saunders.

Clearly, it is quite a complex project but what isn’t complex is the ability to recognize what an honor it is to present as an undergraduate student.

“There were other colleges presenting at the meeting as well, most of them were graduate, PhDs or professors so it was kind of weird but very exciting,” Saunders adds.

Saunders says he received a lot of positive feedback and he intends on continuing his trial during his time here at Union.