Union Student to join Kentucky Intercollegiate Band

Published on
January 25, 2019
Image of Kaitlyn Graham playing the French Horn

Kaitlyn Graham’s hard work and determination will soon pay off as she prepares to perform in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Band (KIB) at the Kentucky Music Educators Association Conference.

The mission of KIB is to ‘provide a plethora of strong musical experiences for collegiate wind and percussion students.’ Each year, students earn the opportunity to rehearse and perform under the direction of an accomplished guest conductor. The Band acts as a showcase for the high level of performance of our state’s college and university band programs.

“We’ve all heard of ‘All-State Bands.’ You take the best instrumentalists from high schools across the state and perform music that’s out-of-reach for most individual high school bands,” explained David McCullough, Instructor of Music and Director of Bands at Union College. “Well, imagine taking the best musicians Kentucky’s Colleges and Universities have to offer and making a ‘Kentucky Intercollegiate Band’ from them. You’d have an ensemble capable of playing the very best of literature. And that is the ensemble in which Kaitlyn will perform! We are very proud of Kaitlyn as a musician and representative of Union College. She is exceptional indeed!” 

For Kaitlyn, music is her passion. A sophomore at Union College, she is a member of both Union College Choir as well as Union College Band in which she plays the french horn. Kaitlyn is the first student from Union College to be selected to perform with the KIB in more than 20 years. 

“These people are really good, they’re out of this world,” said Kaitlyn. “I’m excited to be there and excited about what I can learn from them. 

The Kentucky Intercollegiate Band will perform Thursday, Feb 7th at 7:15 p.m. in the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville, KY.