Virtual Cadaver Table Advancing Education at Union

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October 02, 2020
Dr. Lisa Abner, Dean of Nursing, stands behind Anatomage Table
Dr. Lisa Abner, Dean of Nursing, stands behind Anatomage Table

It’s been featured on PBS, TEDTalks and numerous other journals; now a virtual anatomy table used by the world’s leading medical schools and institutions can be found at Union College. 

The Anatomage Table, which arrived on campus Thursday, is the first life-size virtual dissection table of its kind and allows students to visualize anatomy exactly as they would if they were looking at the real thing. 

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“This technology provides an experience that is very unique – the table displays images of real human anatomy and is so detailed that you can examine skin, veins, arteries, and even organs,” says Dr. Marisa Greer, Vice President of Academic Affairs.  

The college says they have had their eyes on the table since 2015 and it was finally made possible thanks to funding from the Good Samaritan Foundation, Inc., a ministry of the Kentucky Annual Conference of the Unite Methodist Church, combined with a matching donation from Union alumni Dr. Phillip and Anne Sharp. 

“We are so very grateful to Union alums Dr. Phillip and Anne Sharp and the Good Samaritan foundation whose support made possible this extraordinary teaching tool,” says Union College President Marcia Hawkins, Ph.D.

Union is eager to blend the table in with their current curriculum, allowing for greater opportunity for students there.

"Images can be rotated in all directions providing a 360 degree view which really allows us to bring our textbooks to life," adds Greer.

The table will be utilized by faculty and students in the health and biology programs which includes but is not limited to; nursing, athletic training, exercise science, health promotion, anatomy and physiology courses. 

[Disclaimer: The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the Good Samaritan Foundation, Inc.]