Intramural Programs

Union offers intramural sports for every student in our “sports for all” program. If teams aren’t your thing, we can work with that too. Just join one of our sports for individuals. There’s a good balance in activities for men and women, as well as activities for coeds.

Typical intramural programs include basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, billiards, ping-pong and swimming. Our programs are scheduled throughout the year to keep competition on campus going year round.

Our staff consists mainly of students who are interested in managing and programming events, as well as officiating. They also participate as members on the Intramural Council, an advisory and governing policy board.

Please note that participation in intramural programming is a privilege, so be sure to follow a few basic rules, especially in regard to sportsmanship: violations can lead to suspension. The requirements of the Student Conduct Code apply fully in the intramural context. As a member of the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), Union adheres to their principles and guidelines as well.