Audition Information

All prospective students who wish to participate in the band scholarship program at Union College are required to audition. The audition requirements are:

Brass and Woodwinds: One slow piece or excerpt AND one fast piece or excerpt. Total length of music should be 3-5 minutes. You will also be asked to play one or more scales. The more major and minor scales you know can increase your chances for a higher Talent Scholarship.

Percussion (Drumline): One or more pieces that demonstrate your abilities. Something from your high school marching band show can work, but so can etudes and/or solos or rudiments. Please present approximately 3-5 minutes of music. Students are encouraged to play on snare, tenors, bass drum, and/or any concert percussion instruments.  

Color Guard (Flags and Twirlers): Perform a routine that is approximately 3-5 minutes in length. It can be a part from your high school contest show, winter guard, or a routine you create that demonstrates your abilities.  

An in-person on campus audition is preferred, but if not possible arrangements can be made to audition via Skype or other live internet media.

Flags and percussion instruments can be provided by Union College for on campus auditions only.  Contact the band office at (606) 546-1635 for more information or to convey any audition equipment needs.