Small classes. Enlightening professors. The heat is on.

You can’t hide here – most of our classes have no more than 20 students. You’ll know your professors and they’ll know you. Our faculty are experts in their fields and at feeding the fire within their students. You should expect this from the best liberal arts colleges and will find it here at Union. 

Your professors’ spirit and passion for their subjects will spread like wildfire around you – in the best possible way. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself immersed in a subject you’d never even considered before.

Our curriculum tends to do that. Union’s liberal arts core means that no matter what your major, you’ll take classes in subjects like history, English, science, math, language and culture, psychology and religion.

Think your brain can’t sweat? It’ll happen here, especially with 32 majors, 29 minors, nine pre-professional programs, online programs, graduate studies and an academic climate to light up your brain. 

That's Firepower